BTEX Systems

Our BTEX systems are skid mounted and self‐contained units that are tested and ready to go to work for you when they arrive on site. The forced- draft systems are designed to cool to within a 4°F.approach to ambient. Shell and tube condensers can only cool to nearly the temperature of the glycol. Usually around 140°F. And ambient cooled systems of course are dependent on ambient conditions and typically achieve about a 30° -40° approach to ambient.

All you need
  • Forced–Draft cooling available
  • All stainless TiG welded condensers
  • Cold ambient packages for ‐20°F
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Easy installation and setup (No crane or “specialist” required)
  • Short lead times
  • Integrated compressor option available
  • Combustor option available
  • High efficiency fire tube burner assembly with BTEX burner available
  • Pneumatic or electric pump options available
  • Custom systems can be designed to meet any requirement
Types of BTEX condensers


Air‐cooled condensers with natural draft cooling are one of the most common options because of the relatively simple design and competitive capital cost and, they can be used on locations where no electrical power is available. However, because of thermodynamic limitations, the condenser’s operating temperature will be higher than the ambient dry‐bulb air temperature. For most practical natural draft heat‐exchanger designs, the condenser temperature is about 20‐30° F. approach to ambient temperature.


Forced‐draft air‐cooled condensers are the most effective solution for condensing still vent vapors. If designed and applied correctly they can achieve ve a 2°‐4°F. approach to ambient temperature. The lower process temperature condenses more of the still vent stream which reduces the amount of non‐condensable gas from the BTEX system and captures more saleable condensate.


AMTECHENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS partners with ACLCOMBUSTION /CLEAR RUSH INDUSTRIES to offer a high-quality enclosed combustor system that can integrate onto any of our BTEX system skids for a complete turnkey system. Or the combustor can be installed as a free‐standing unit.


These unique systems incorporate the forced–draft BTEX condenser system and our simple VRU system into a single skid mounted package. This arrangement allows the non‐condensable BTEX vapors tobe directed back into the process stream at up to 200 psi.

These compressor systems have ample capacity that enables them to handle excess flash tank vapors along with regen still column emissions.

These are simple, reliable, no hassle closed loop systems that capture ALL the non‐condensable gas from the BTEX condenser and safely return It back into the process stream.

BTEX system sizing guide

125,000 BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 1

375,000 BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 2

500,000 BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 3

500,000 BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 3F

750,000 BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 4

750,000 BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 4F

1,500,000 BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 5F

2,000,000 BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 6F

3,500,000BTU/HR Regenerator = SYSTEM 7F

F ‐ Forced–Draft Fan Cooled

C ‐ Cold ambient freeze protection is available as an option on any size unit

B ‐ Black Gold Rush combustor integrated on skid package

T ‐ ACL combustion high efficiency burner with Auxiliary BTEX burner

A ‐ Automatic discharge bypass with manual reset

X ‐ Integrated COMPRESSOR OPTION is available for all forced‐draft units

P ‐ electric pump for condensate removal (pneumatic AOD pump is standard)

*CUSTOM SYSTEMS can be designed for any requirement